2018 - Date - Synoptix Ltd

Senior Systems Engineer

Requirements management and Systems Engineering support to a large UK aerospace company.


2018 - 2018 - Thales UK

Air Traffic Management Systems Engineer

▪ Air Traffic Management software subsystem for OneSKY project.
▪ Generation of plans.
▪ Development of requirements.
▪ IVVQ activities.


2017 - 2018 - Aerobytes Ltd

Systems Engineer

▪ Technical authoring (1,700 page user-guide).
▪ Graphic design.
▪ CAD.
▪ Software architect.
▪ Javascript, PHP, etc.,
▪ Ad hoc analyses and reports.
▪ Management of requirements.


2016 - 2017 - Synoptix

Senior Systems Engineer

Providing Systems Engineering expertise to clients on a consultancy basis,
▪ Analysis and reporting of data during testing of an aircraft power system.
▪ Reviewing SoW and workpackages.
▪ Critiquing nascent systems and research projects.



Requirements Engineer

Responsible for the architecture, implementation and documentation of a DOORS database for project MARSHALL – a project upgrading the ATC for the UK military.
▪ Developed complex DXL to support requirements management activities.
▪ Managed requirements.
▪ Mentored team-members in techniques, processes and in use of DOORS.


2015 - 2016 - Synoptix

Senior Systems Engineer

Systems Engineering consultancy, including generation of the sets of requirements for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) hull-mounted and towed-array radar.

Analysis of SatCom coverage.

Research and modelling tasks.

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2014 - 2015 - Rockwell Collins

Senior Systems Engineer

Senior Systems Engineer responsible for RealFires JFAC trainer.

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2008 - 2014 - Thales UK

Capability Engineer

Large UK Aerospace company specialising in ISTAR, ESM and Radar equipment.

Member of concept-development and capability-engineering team.
Provides capability-engineering support across defence lines of development (DLOD) to nascent and extant projects.

Provides advice, analysis and guidance on all aspects on Systems Engineering lifecycle across a variety programmes and proposals for new products.

Requirements elicitation and management.

Architecture and size, weight and power analyses.

Operational analyses and systems reviews.

Generation of engineering plans for projects, bids, etc.,

Systems architecture studies and trade-studies.

Optical datalinks.

Synthetic environments and computer-generated forces.

Creation of CONOPS / CONUSE.

UAV concept studies.

Project roles included: System Architect; Systems Engineering Manager; Integration, Verification, Validation and Qualification Manager.

Use of MODAF


2008 - 2008 - Flight Refuelling

Contract Systems Engineer

Pre-eminent manufacturer of military in-flight refuelling equipment.

Provided Systems Engineering expertise to support the development and verification of air-to-air refuelling equipment for A330 tanker and A400M programmes. 


2006 - 2007 - Lockheed Martin

Requirements Manager, Merlin CSP

Naval helicopter capability-sustainment programme for the Royal Navy.

Responsible for ensuring that contracted requirements were met through the decomposition of user requirements into a detailed design expressed as a set of requirements that are correct, complete, testable and consistent with industry standards.

Member of Engineering Change Control Board and Commercial Change Control Board.

Focal point for Requirements Management centre-of-excellence.

Responsible for ensuring Requirements Management aspects of CMMI Level 4 were met.


2006 - 2007 - Thales UK

Principal Systems Engineer, Watchkeeper

Defined requirements relating to Built-In-Test for a geographically disparate and technologically complex unmanned aircraft system for the UK MoD.

Captured requirements in DOORS at System level and below.

Reviewed and incorporated FMEA content into a bespoke BITE database.

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2005 - 2006 - Parker Aerospace

Contract Fuel Systems Engineer, Airbus A380

The small UK design office of a large electronic systems corporation.

Generated verification tests for A380 fuel control and monitoring system. These were based on DOORS requirements and Artisan use-cases and included automated generation of scripts for testing and regression-testing.

Peer reviewed the work of other engineers and provision of ‘common sense’ reviews.

Followed a DO-178 process that included code walk-throughs, traceability reviews and MISRA code assessment.


2002 - 2005 - Airbus UK

Contract Fuel Systems Engineer

Implementing continuous improvement activities for the fuel system of the A330 / A340 fleet, from requirements-capture through to design, verification and validation.

Scoped and managed projects within budgetary and timescale constraints.

Liaised with suppliers, customers and other departments to design and certify the necessary modifications.

Provided operational support for customer airlines on a day-to-day basis.

Defined requirements for flight tests and analysis of data from testing.

Generated specifications for test equipment and test procedures.

Provided internal technical support to develop FHAs and review FMEAs.

Brought direct experience of the product and its operational context to the company.

Modelled and simulated systems, concepts and components, often from first principles.

Proposed and implemented research topics.

Presented ‘The View of an End User’ presentation to yearly maintainer training cours


2000 - 2002 - Virgin Atlantic

Flight Information Analyst

Considered a 'floating resource' between Engineering and Flight Operations.

Provided technical management for the flight data recording devices and datalink systems for a fleet of twenty-six long-haul aircraft.

Oversaw long-term strategic planning and integration of activities involving data from aircraft, such as condition monitoring and flight crew performance tracking.

Fulfilled immediate demands for data with timely readout and analysis of flight recorders and other devices.

Supported incident investigations.

Provided 24-hour data-analysis support for incidents and technical troubleshooting.

Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) put in place, writing software from scratch where necessary.

Developed user-navigable ‘virtual aircraft’.

Support provided to Flight Ops Quality Assurance (FOQA) activities.

Represented the company at industry events.

Provided advice and opinions to other airlines.

Also project-managed ad hoc tasks which did not naturally fall within the remit of other groups or departments, including:
  Effects of natural radiation on aircraft systems and passengers
  Technical support to atmospheric research activities
  Handling of technical / bizarre questions sent to the airline or directly to the Chairman


1999 - 2000 - NATS UK

Contract Datalink Engineer

UK National Air Traffic Control provider.

Specified ARINC 622/623 Pre-Departure Clearance system that achieved with data messages a process reliant on an exchange of voice traffic.

Specified Digital ATIS datalink-based communication systems, providing weather and other information to flight crews via datalink rather than recorded voice message.

Generated acceptance test documentation.

Liaised with potential vendors

Liaised with regulators.

Generated safety case.

Performed FMEA / Fault tree analysis to support safety case.


1995 - 1999 - Virgin Atlantic

Graduate Development Engineer / Development Engineer

A large UK airline.

Strategic development of avionics / electrical equipment for A340 and A320 fleets.

Provided engineering support and 24-hour support via a call-out service to ensure safe and efficient fleet operation.

Generated specifications for aircraft and ground systems.

Generated detailed work-packages and test procedures.

Performed technical investigations into reliability issues.

Made recommendations for selection of equipment.

Liaised with flight-crew, engineers, other departments, vendors, airframe manufacturers, regulators and third-party organisations.

Represented the company at industry events.

Originated design documentation for aircraft modifications and aircraft release-to-service under the company’s JAR-145 design approval.