Off-road Driving

Land Rovers?  Made for difficult terrain - mostly never driven anywhere but tarmac.  They are immensely capable vehicles.  The network of green-lanes in this country provides opportunities to access parts of the countryside not otherwise accessible (by me).  Unfortunately, they also provide access to a small, but significant, number of morons who are hell-bent on causing damage.

The Green Land ASSociation (GLASS) has a defined set of rules for enjoying green-lanes.  These essentially boil-down to: be safe; be considerate.

I always go out on organised trips: it’s not unknown for us to finish the day having brought back barbecues, folding chairs and (once) a gazebo left behind by other users.  More often than not, we have to move - and then report - fly-tipping to get through. 

Many of the videos below are on Salisbury Plain - although some idiots with very agressive tyres and/or deliberately poor driving do manage it, generally speaking it is more difficult to ‘damage’ with a car an area driven through by tanks and lorries.


The vehicle.

As well as my daily drive, my Range Rover Sport is used to drive off-road.  In addition to the standard features, it has:

- Wrangler Duratrac tyres
- Raised air intake
- LED light-bar
- Auxillary driving and fog lights
- Easylift kit (+55 / -20 over standard settings)
- Terrafirma 18000 lb winch with synthetic rope, fitted to a discreet mounting-plate
- Pair of cable dampeners
- 28 t tow-rope with proof-tested shackles
- 12 t proof-tested shackles
- 9 t pulley
- Tree-strap / tow-rope
- Entrenching-tool
- First-aid kit

Discreet winch?

The Terrafirma winch mounting kit is a ‘discreet’ mounting kit, i.e., the winch is not a prominent feature of the car.  To make it even more discreet, mine is hidden behind a SpeedFlip numberplate device controlled from inside the car.

Video Gallery

A muddy crossing...

A helpful farmer had ploughed the byway.  I still got through, despite being on standard tyres.

Salisbury Plain 2018

This includes a bit of a swim at 16’ 20 s.

A large amount of tilt.

One of the times I have really started to worry about tipping over.

South Wales

Yes, it does go through a golf-course.

Strata Florida

A part of the old road.  I came back with a boot-load of rubbish collect en-route.

Wiltshire Downs

Some rather overgrown gorse scratched the paintwork of the car.

Mid Wales, ‘17

More Wales.

Salisbury Plain

A trip around the Plain.

Salisbury Plain

On Salisbury Plain in the Td5.

Getting muddy

On Salisbury Plain in the Td5.

Salisbury Plain

On Salisbury Plain in the Td5.

Salisbury Plain

On Salisbury Plain in the Td5.

Salisbury Plain

November 2019

Mid Wales

November 2019