Self Image

"This accurate, independent and extremely persistent individual is driven by an internal need to accomplish and achieve to exact standards He will consider the implications of any task or job before making a commitment but having done so and such commitment is whole-hearted. Tenacious and persistent in approach, this person is difficult to turn once he has made up his mind. Investigating and thorough he thinks through all activities. A self-starter but not necessarily a quick-starter. He is more interested in things, planning and organisational problems rather than in the people implication. Mr Neve can stick at both routine and the nitty gritty though neither should be of a low level.

He is not a socialite and, though amiable, prefers to work if not alone, at least one removed from the crowd. Being stubborn and normally approaching tasks in a methodical way, this person is often seen by others as being rigid and somewhat slow in decision-making. He is hard taskmaster both in respect to himself and others. Grey areas and over-broad concepts worry this individual who likes to pin things down".
"He is often intolerant of lesser mortals, and has no time for non-producers. Mr Neve is wary of the outgoing entrepreneur By nature a "reason whyer" who may have difficulty motivating others. He tends to drive. My often read between the lines to search for hidden meanings. Travel is not a necessity for this person who prefers to work in a structured environment and from a base. Long periods away from family or group tend to make him uncomfortable."

"It is important for him to be recognised as an achiever He can be blunt, critical and over-powering and may discourage or cause resentment in more socially motivated people. Mr Neve can sometimes lose contact with those around him and become over concerned in attempting to achieve the perfect solution."

"All in all, he is a serious minded individual who can direct others of similar skills. A most conscientious worker, amiable but not sociable, with a drive for results, achievement and self-advancement, Mr Neve can make unemotional decisions based upon factual data. He is a director rather than a leader."

Describing Words

Tough, quiet, thorough, non-communicative, amiable, non-social, serious, direct, blunt, critical, results-oriented, achiever, finisher, accurate, precise, perfectionist, stubborn, dependable, painstaking, intolerant, asks "why", "what" and "how".

Self Motivation:

Mr Neve needs time to achieve the perfect finish and time to investigate and asses before making decisions. Requires authority to act independently. Prefers to deal with things rather than people. He needs clear objectiveness and parameters, no sudden changes and wants to feel secure and recognised for both achievement and hard work."

Job Emphasis

"The working environment should be structured and at the same time allow this person to get on with a job and see it through to a natural conclusion. The boss should be aware that his person may upset others and will show intolerance for weaker and less productive individuals. He should also ensure that clears direction is given at the onset of a new project."